Duffy’s paintings are unique, using hand ground oils on hot pressed china clay board; a material providing a sheer surface on which to work.

These paintings are pared back, but by ripping away at the board, he can create shapes that are dynamic and ambiguous, by being both abstract and suggestive of the human form, resulting in finished pieces that have surfaces which are simultaneously both polished and matte.

His work ranges from the deeply reflective in the form of minimal abstraction, where just a line or two become ineluctable spatial expressions, to large striking – sometimes disturbing – semi-figurative pieces that comment powerfully upon the human condition, popular culture, politics, and major events.

Since the 1990s he has produced a major body of paintings ranging from the monumental to the miniature in scale; the majority of these are abstract and can be described as Colourist, i.e. artworks that are characterised by the use of intense colour.

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