Hebden Bridge

Bruce Holdsworth had reviewed Art Games in 1979 and invited Terry Duffy to exhibit at his gallery in Hebden Bridge. He knew he was in the process of change and that he didn’t have any other plan for the exhibition other than respond to the found situation. Duffy later said of this exhibition that, “it was a pivotal opportunity, my first step away from Art Games and my first attempt at referential text”.

Duffy went on further to write of this exhibition, “These works have no function, no application, they exist as sticks, twigs, branches but when you begin to play with them without tools, glue, string, you begin to feel shape, space, weight, movement, line, position, composition, form. Together, two sticks, or even one against a wall, have their own individual and completely personal way of leaning, falling, standing, balancing. They have their own personal poise, strength, style and design. When touched they may fall, collapse or break. It makes little difference, they are totally useless, totally pointless.” ”

The exhibition is only a collection of sticks, stones, found objects and words but when considered are full of elemental relationships. The works produced are unique to here. This is my reaction to this place.

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