The Grisedale Forest Fellowship was an interesting opportunity normally lasting 6 months with the use of a cottage and studio to create one or more artworks for the “Sculpture Trail” and had attracted artists of some stature. However, with my suitcase “have art will travel” I was not interested in creating artworks only the opportunity to work in this vast forest and to see what might result. The organisers had some interest in my project and they allowed me to use a small, old, disused, candle-lit caravan deep in the forest (of a night you heard the hounds). The resident artist was David Kemp who produced several interesting works and we did find time to have an Art Game but it didn’t suit his mind set and soon gravitated into individualism not dialogue.

The large circular works were held together by long lengths of grass and tree roots. I became more and more interested with shapes in opposition to the rows of vertical conifers, the challenge to create large scale works that were held by natural means and as a result to fall apart later as nature took its course. This identified another element of my philosophy, from an Eastern/ John Cage source, to not contrive your art but to flow with the materials and elements.  Terry Duffy.

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